Paulus POTTERS is not only a jazz musician but he is also a talented composer for TV series, movies, commercials, choir pieces and songs for artists. For his pop and jazz compositions Paulus POTTERS wan SEVEN Awards at the Billboard Song Contest Oklahoma U.S.A. (during one of those competitions the President of the Jury was Julio Iglesias). Paulus music is often on the back of commercial on T.V or radio stations. Few years ago has Paulus POTTERS studied Latin he started to write a lot of CHOIR PIECES and some of them has been performed in Russia/Siberia during a tour of a classical choir group.

Paulus POTTERS wrote also music for movie like "Recht van Wind" More recently in december 2006 Paulus participated into a TV serie of 15 episods (luxury tourism and gastronomy) which will be during 2007 on TV 5 WORLD and 54 TV channels all over the world including China, Korea, USA, etc... Paulus music will be on the back of the images and 580 millions of people will hear his music. That documentary will be on AIR FRANCE long distance flights during 3 years. Paulus POTTERS write also music/lyrics for Artists in various genres.

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Also please listen his jazz compositions on and his electro smooth jazz on YOU CAN ALSO LISTEN MORE TRACKS and DOWNLOAD on iTunes store.